Review of the HTC Google Nexus One

Its been more than 3 months now since I got hold of hold of the Google Nexus One and decided it was finally to time sit back and put together a Google Nexus one review.

At first switching to the Nexus and letting go of the iPhone seemed impossible. Many said that the Nexus didn’t have a market as big as that of the iPhone. However, one must note that Nexus was made available only through an online purchase from the Nexus One Google store, and this is limited to a few countries as well.

My first impression of the Nexus;- it simply was stunning. The Android operating system is a perfect fit and the Nexus operates likes a breeze with the Android OS on board.

With regards to the body of the Nexus, it’s well crafted, sleek and just fits perfectly into your hands. It has a large display screen that is rich, classy, vibrant, colorful and lively. And what’s best;- it’s slightly larger than the iPhone’s screen as well;)

The App store is famous for the vast variety of applications it has, but eh, Nexus is not far behind. There are still more than 60,000 applications to boast of within a short period of time.

What makes the Nexus such a great phone and what google 5 star review convinced me to get rid of my iPhone over the Nexus? Read on…

The Nexus beats the iPhone all ends up when it comes to hardware. The 1GHZ processor sets the phone on fire and definitely gets this baby going. One can just swipe through the Nexus with ease and to add to it all multitasking is simply cool when it comes to the Nexus.

Nexus comes bundled with a 4GB Micro SD memory card and the best part is that it officially supports up-to 32GB:) The only irritating part is that one needs to take off the MMC by switching the cell off and then taking off the battery… where did hot swap go:( One simple question that comes to my mind;-is there a need to keep removing the memory card, when you’ve a data-cable that comes along in the package….

Now this part about the Nexus hurts the most. The music quality of the Nexus is not all that great… I know this is a bit unfair as I’m addicted to the iPod. However the stock earphones that come along with this phone are decent and well have a remote for pause, play etc. The Nexus one doesn’t have any equalizers/presets, etc like the iPod. However, that totally comes down to personal choice as there are some who hardly switch between presets all the time and usually stick to just one preset….



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