Rice in All Its Yumminess – Part 5

Baghali Sheveed Polow – rice with Lima beans and dill

(serves three-4)

Baghali method Lima beans in Persian and sheveed means dill leaves. I generally add fowl or chopped lamb pieces to this scrumptious dish.


1. 4 cups of white lengthy grain rice.

2. 2 hundred grams of butter.

Three. Fresh Lima beans every reduce into half (cast off the pores and skin first)

four. 2 onions – chopped finely.

Five. 500 grams of de-boned chicken pieces or 500 grams of cubed lamb portions.

6. Salt and pepper as in line with taste.

7. Turmeric – half of a tsp

8. 3 cups freshly chopped dill (dried dill with paintings nicely too).


I normally soak the rice for as a minimum half of an hour (if it is new rice) or for 1 hour (if it’s vintage rice) in warm water and some salt earlier than cooking.

Take a medium sized pot and fry the chopped onions in approximately 4 tablespoons of butter until it turns a lovable golden brown. Add the dill leaves and stir fry for a few minutes. The aroma of the dill leaves fill the kitchen and trust me, it makes the mouth water.

Add the hen/lamb along with turmeric, salt and pepper and stir fry until the beef modifications its shade. Add the halved Lima beans. Boil till the beef or bird is gentle. Be careful with the hen due to the fact it can effortlessly over cook dinner and spoil into small portions. You ought to add the fowl a little later which I endorse. Check to see if the Lima beans are cooked.

Add the rice to this boiling combination and make certain that the extent of water above the rice is pretty much a couple of centimeters. Mix the rice properly with this and placed it buy saffron online  on excessive warmness and keep stirring on occasion so that the rice does now not clump together or persist with the lowest. Change to medium heat midway and When most of the water has evaporated, put it on low heat. Heap the rice like a small hill within the center of the pot and make holes all over with a skewer to useful resource in steaming it in addition.

Add thick slices of butter everywhere in the pinnacle of the rice and cover with the lid. This scrumptious rice may be prepared in about 15-20 mins.

To make the saffron rice mix to decorate the served rice:

Take a few saffron in a warmness-resistant glass and upload a few hot water to it. Let it stand within the rice while it’s miles cooking. The warmness brings out the beautiful aroma of saffron. After the rice has cooked, placed this saffron in a bowl and upload some of the cooked rice to it and blend it to present the rice a stunning golden yellow shade. Decorate the relaxation of the rice with this saffron blend.


Serve the rice warm embellished with a mixture of rice and saffron.

This exotic Persian dish is usually served with yogurt and salad. You may want to serve this with steak, roast chicken, or lamb cho


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