Six Challenges Facing Business Owners

Having spent the last many weeks meeting with and drooling to small business possessors around Essex, it came clear that they all feel to face analogous challenges on a day-to- day base.

As I anticipated, they’re all time poor and there was an ongoing sense from these company possessors or directors that they should be’ hands on’and across every hand of their business. But, as they told me, they may know all about their business but occasionally they need expert support and guidance to insure their company grows and increases profitability.

Some of the challenges they faced included


Guests are at the heart of any business. Without guests and the profit generated also the business becomes just a good idea. One of the main challenges they faced was how to attract, retain and maximise their guests?

For me, the key to winning new business and icing client Business for Sale Fort Myers  retention is furnishing not only great products or services but adding a great client service experience. A strategy needs to be developed for icing this client growth and maximizing earnings from being guests.


Numerous business possessors aren’t selling experts and need strategic advice when it comes to developing a business positioning, a marketing plan, a crusade and allowing about the channels they wish to promote their business through.

The challenge is to enable the business to tell its story in a way that enables the business to grow and make client engagement. Bringing an educated marketer into the business either in- house or as a adviser to help develop this strategy can allow the business proprietor to concentrate on what he does stylish.


For numerous business possessors there are simply not enough hours in a day. All possessors are stretched for time. Creating further time means occasionally saying no and riveting on what’s essential for the success of the business.

This is where business proprietor frequently seek external advice from a business tutor or adviser to get them to concentrate on what’s critical for the development of the business.


Financial Management

It’s imperative for a small or medium-sized business to manage their cashflow effectively but occasionally managing the P&L sounded to be the third or fourth’ order of the day’for some business possessors.

Getting good Fiscal advice from a adviser who takes the time to assay business performance, looks at aged debtors, analyses customer profitability and puts effective fiscal planning measures in place mitigates the threat of the business getting into fiscal troubles.


Business Planning sounded to be a bit of an afterthought for some of the business possessors I spoke with, they were working more’on the cover’. Annual Planning should start a minimum of four months before the end of the fiscal time and should start with a formal periodic budget, understanding the profitability of each customer/ client, growth openings, business development planning and an analysis of the charges needed to service those guests/ guests, request and grow the business, induce a great client experience as well as delivering a sustainable profit periphery.

Successful business possessors produce wealth and grow their business because they understand how to make a culture where sustainable profitability is a given.


Numerous business possessors aren’t through all the processes involved in running a business so the challenge is to make the processes involved in running a business simpler. This is where an external adviser or expert support can prove largely salutary.

Failure to manage processes similar as deals, marketing, business development, erecting client fidelity, functional operation, HR and hand development can lead to businesses failing. Being stretched across business functions isn’t the stylish way for business possessors to develop their business.



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